AV Procedures

 Audio Visual (AV) Equipment Policy
All IMN AV resources are scheduled through IMN AV Services to support University classes for credit and non credit, meetings, and other University-related activities. Equipment reservations can be made by calling AV Services at 482-6418. During the call, specific information will be obtained pertaining to required equipment, dates needed, mode of transfer – delivery or pickup, billing information, and point of contact.

A hand receipt form will accompany all requested equipment consisting of an itemized list of equipment and accessories to be checked out. It is the responsibility of the point of contact or other department designee to ensure that everything listed on the hand receipt has been received in good working condition. If anything is missing upon receipt, please annotate it on the hand receipt form.

The hand receipt must be signed upon receipt for the AV equipment by a faculty or staff member. The signature annotates acceptance of the department’s liability if any piece of equipment is missing or is not returned in good working condition.

The hand receipt will also be checked against the equipment upon return to AV Services. If any item is missing or not returned in good working condition, the department will be charged for a replacement part.

AV Equipment Cancellation Policy
Should a reservation need to be cancelled, notify AV Services at 482-6418 prior to the AV equipment delivery date and time. By providing our department with cancellation information in a timely manner, we will be able to serve other customers’ AV needs.