Media Services Staff

 Vickie Y. Bailey – Assistant Director


          Ms. Bailey can be reached at 482-6418, Dupre Library, Rm 302.

Conference Technicians

Conference Technicians (CTs) are student workers who assist in day-to-day operations of the video conferencing (compressed video) and distance learning. They are part of our team and a big reason as to why our video conferencing and distance learning sessions are successful.

The CTs are hand selected and trained through one-on-one interaction. The training takes place over an entire semester cumulating with a hands-on and question-based certification test that must be passed to ensure further employment.

During video conferences and distance learning sessions, the CTs are present in the room 30 minutes prior to the beginning time and remain in the room for the entire session. They are well-trained in troubleshooting and problem resolution procedures.



  • Jeffery Bower
  • Erik Durant
  • Kea Bell
  • Tee Yun
  • Madison Guidry
  • Courtney Flettrich
  • Brennan Norman
  • Lilly Sonnier
  • Blake Boutte


  • Neal Robert
  • Jude Alekhue