Request Forms

In general, to obtain repair for existing services that are malfunctioning please call TT#.

For telephones - new service, move service, reprogram service or discontinue service - call TT# - we now fill out the forms for you and fax them to you for your signature and return.

For data network - new service - see Computer Connection Request below - call 26418 if you need additional assistance

For Static IP request - see below

For Privately Owned Computers - see below

  • Telephone Programming Request
    This form is obsolete.. -- If you would like to make a change request to your telephone, such as Adding Long Distance Service (LINC), changing your Cover-Path, voice mail operation, out of office operation, or change your Pickup Group Answering -- Call TT# and provide your request.
  • Telephone Service Change Request
    This form is obsolete.. -- If you would like to start service, move service or discontinue service -- Call TT# and provide your request.
  • Computer Connection Request
    If you would like to establish internet connectivity please send a memo to the Director of Information Networks by campus mail or fax (22489). Please include 1) Your Name, 2) Your Contact Information, 3) Building and Room Number, 4) Jack Number and 5) Account to bill. This memo must be signed by a person with signature authority on the "account to bill". Call 26418 if you need additional assistance.
  • STATIC IP Host and Address Request Form
    To place a STATIC IP Address request, it is necessary to personally fill out the Host and Address Request Form.
  • Privately Owned Computer Request Letter
    This letter must be filled out and returned to Information Networks, to allow access to the internet for your personally owned PC. It must be approved by your department head.