Trouble Ticket Reporting

If you are experiencing a problem with your ethernet connection, please refer to these possible solutions before placing a call to the helpdesk.

  • Make sure the ethernet cable is secure at all connections - the computer and the wall jack
  • Make sure the ethernet cable is in good working order with no crimps or severe bends (may require a replacement cable if this is the case)
  • Make sure there is a good power supply established.

After trying these suggestions, and you are still experiencing problems with your ethernet connection, please call 25516 on a campus phone or dial 482-5516 from an off-campus or cell phone. If there is not an attendant available, please leave the appropriate message.

Your trouble report will be routed in the manner to most quickly address the problem. If a staff member is not available, an automated attendant will route your call. Please follow the automated instructions. The automated attendant allows you to place trouble reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You will be given specific instructions, so please listen carefully, and follow the menu options which best serve you. There will be an area for dormitory phones, office phones, network problems, personal computer problems, as well as options to select to speak to a technician if one is available. Remember, if no technician is available, information about your problem will be recorded, and a technician will respond as soon as possible.

Students Living in University Housing Units should dial 22FIX from any campus telephone to obtain assistance with any dormitory TELEPHONE, DATA or BUILDING REPAIR.